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The World of Work at KPMG

On the 3rd December, 20 lucky students from The Thomas Alleyne Academy and Marriotts School embarked on a Yes Futures World of Work day to KPMG, Canary Wharf.

The students started the day in true commuter fashion, arriving early at Stevenage station to catch the jam packed train to London Bridge. This was followed by a busy traverse through London Bridge station in order to access the underground and continue our journey to Canary Wharf.

Arriving out from the underground to be greeted by the huge sky scrapers of Canary Wharf was exciting for us all and a little overwhelming too! We had similar feelings when we walked in to the plush foyer of KPMG a short while later. Fortunately, we were made to feel very welcome and were soon up on the 13th floor enjoying the views.

Anja and her team from KPMG had planned a really interesting day for us. We started by hearing about the different pathways in to the organisation, including lots of information about their apprenticeship programme. The students appreciated hearing first hand accounts from some of the KPMG colleagues who had followed this path.

Next, we took a visit to the KPMG Insight Centre. We were greeted by Kai, the AI robot and the students had the opportunity to talk to Kai, try on virtual reality goggles and explore other technologies that KPMG use to solve problems for their clients.

We finished the morning with a networking event, where students got to meet some more KPMG colleagues and ask them about their career experiences. The students then had their networking skills put to the test as they competed in Networking Bingo! Congratulations to Archie for winning the prize!

After a delicious lunch, the students took part in some digital solutions activities, such as programming their own Bot and designing their own music play list app! Finally, the students took part in a story board activity, working in small groups to come up with a digital solution to a common social problem. They used their team work and communication skills to complete the activity and present their ideas to the rest of the group.

Overall, it was an amazing day and one that our students will remember for a long time. Thank you so much to KPMG for hosting us!

Our World of Work days are an integral part of our Yes Futures programmes.

To find out more about the programmes and how we can support your students, please contact Sophie Bartlett:

If you are a business that would like to hear more about how to get involved in our World of Work opportunities please contact

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