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We are a small and friendly team, with a huge passion for supporting the lives of young people.

Meet the Yes Futures Team

Yes Futures is a multi-award winning charity, run by experienced qualified teachers. It takes a lot of dedicated people to run our coaching programmes. Together we work towards building a future where all young people are confident, resilient and leading fulfilling lives. 

Yes Futures Team

Trustees & Advisors

Yes Futures Coaches

The Yes Futures Coach Community is ever growing and we’re excited to have the support, commitment, passion and knowledge of every Coach within it.

We’re deeply invested in this community and in turn, this community is a driving force supporting each student on our impactful programme.

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Become a Coach

We're always looking for more volunteers to empower the young people on our programmes.


As well as enabling them to reach their full potential, working with young people can help you to grow and develop new skills, as well as giving you a sense of fulfilment.

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