We have had an incredible impact

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year, we are very proud of the continued impact of our programmes. Thank you to our whole community for their support in boosting the essential skills and wellbeing of students. 


of students felt the programme made a positive difference to them


of students improved in at least one Talent area 


of students felt more motivated to achieve at school


of parents felt their child is more prepared for the future 

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“It’s been lovely to see the students flourish throughout the programme, it really has been an unforgettable experience.”

Tess Day, Teacher, Causton Primary School

"Every young person ought to experience a programme such as the Yes Futures programmes." 

Sir Michael Barber, most powerful person in Higher Education 2017
Guardian 2017


“Taking part in this programme has improved my social skills and confidence and has prepared me for the future and the outside world. I loved the programme.”

Keegan, Year 10, St Angela’s School

Our students' inspiring stories

We're really proud of everything that our students achieve. Through our personalised coaching sessions, we aim to help all young people discover their full potential. Here are some inspiring case studies from our students' personal achievements throughout our programme. 

"Underneath the nerves, it was clear that she was a determined student and was motivated to better herself - sparks of potential were definitely evident."

Neave's Yes Futures Coach, John F Kennedy Catholic School  


“Paris gives up in lessons when it gets hard. She then turns to disruption and rule-breaking because she is actually struggling with the work. In our first coaching session, she revealed she wanted to become more resilient and calm to overcome this.”

Paris' Yes Futures Coach, Hoe Valley School 

“Emilie has come on leaps and bounds since starting the Yes Futures Programme. She is more confident as an individual and intrinsically motivated to do well, not just in her studies, but in life. As a result, her academic grades in school have improved. In her most recent school report, a number of her class teachers commented on how Emilie is now a confident and vocal member of the class with an excellent attitude towards her learning.”

Mr Ian Thompson, Emilie's Head of Year