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Partner With Us

Your business can play a pivotal role in shifting the dial for disadvantaged young people.

Every day, thousands of disadvantaged young people fail to achieve their potential because of a lack of confidence and key life skills. Young people on free school meals are twice as likely to end up NEET (not in employment, education or training.)

Luckily, with the support of our partners, Yes Futures are able to empower disadvantaged young people to build secure and happy lives, before it's too late. Will you join our growing community of partner organisations?

Speak with Kat

If you're interested in finding out more about how your business could help shift the dial for young people at risk of becoming NEET, then get in touch with Kat to find out more.
Kathryn Luckock
Director of Partnerships
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Become a World of Work Partner

Visiting workplaces is an inspirational part of our programme. We're always looking for businesses to host a group of our students for a day.

Our opportunities are a fantastic way of benefiting your employees’ professional development as well as supporting our students to:

Make informed decisions about their future career path and voluntary contributions

Understand the working environment and how charities work through first-hand experience

Meet and learn from successful adults in a varied range of industries and roles

Develop vital employment-related skills

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Great to take some time out to give back to students from different backgrounds; explain the ways in and how we can potentially find them careers, and get them used to the big wide world of work.”

World of Work Partner

Could you help give our students a first-hand taste of what the world of work is really like?

A crucial part of our programme is our ‘World of Work’ session, which is designed to help give students some perspective and direction when it comes to thinking about their future career goals.


It's also a great opportunity for you to:

Increase your profile – Yes Futures will promote your organisation in our published materials, such as our future newsletters and articles to schools, colleges, parents and young people.

Professional development – Gain new skills, ideas and alternative perspectives through engaging with our inspirational young people.

Potential employees – Work with enthusiastic, talented young people who can help support and contribute to your future workforce.

Reduce youth unemployment – Contribute to solving one of the UK’s biggest problems, by empowering young people to be ready for the 21st Century working environment.

Build your social responsibility and employee engagement offering

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Because of the World of Work day, I was able to figure out my ambitions and my dreams.”

Sam, Year 8 student


Our work provides lots of opportunities for your business and teams to support and build relationships with the diverse communities you want to reach. 

Check out our corporate partner brochure for more information on the initiatives that can make your business stand out!

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