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Student Intensive Coaching and Support Programmes 

Yes Futures was founded with the belief that every young person deserves to feel empowered to fulfil their personal potential.

By boosting self-awareness, confidence, resilience and communication skills, we support students to be successful both in and outside the classroom and feel prepared for their future.

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of teachers felt the programme made students more motivated to achieve at school. 

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of the schools we worked with last year have signed up again.

The Finding Futures Programme

Finding Futures is our Primary Programme, which equips Year 5 and 6 students with the essential skills, preparing them for a successful transition to secondary school.

The Rising Futures Programme

Rising Futures is our Secondary Programme, which equips students with the essential skills to succeed inside and outside the classroom, empowering them to reach their personal potential.


NEW: Strengths System 

The Strengths System is a package of personal development resources, designed to support your KS3 students to understand their strengths and how they can use them to be successful.

The Strengths System will support students to:

  • Navigate the challenges of returning to school

  • Maintain positive wellbeing

  • Understand their strengths

  • Develop goal-setting techniques

Make an enquiry
with Kat

Hi, I'm Kat and I manage all of our school partnerships. I'd love to talk to you about becoming part of our network of schools. 

Please get in touch using the form below:
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Kat Luckock,
Director of Partnerships
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