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Yes Futures is run by 'Outstanding' qualified teachers with over 12 years' experience in running character development programmes. We are here to help you.

Character Scheme of Work

Activities and Games

Teacher Guide to Coaching

Take your students on a character development journey.
The Introducing Character Scheme of Work teaches resilience, confidence, communication skills, teamwork and self-awareness.

An introductory guide for all teachers.

  • Take a look at how coaching can be incorporated into your lesson plans.

  • Encourage students to set goals, grow in confidence and self-awareness.

  • Adaptable for KS2 through to KS4.

Take a quick and fun approach to character development!
Introduce your students to character development with our downloadable activities and games designed specifically to build your students confidence, communication, resilience and self-awareness.
Building a positive relationship from the outset is critical to getting the most from your students throughout the year.
Our resources provide a quick and easy way for you to understand a bit more about your students. 

Getting to know your students

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Activity sheets for pupils at home

Many students are having to learn while at home during coronavirus lockdown. To support their personal development and wellbeing, we have created a series of free resources for you to share with families
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