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The Yes Futures Strengths System

The Yes Futures Strengths System is a package of personal development resources, designed to support your KS3 students to understand their strengths and how they can use them to be successful.

12 weeks of lesson plans with PowerPoints and resources, including group discussion ideas and activities.
A 100+ page workbook for each student which guides them through a series of reflective and goal-setting activities.
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A comprehensive personal development curriculum, perfect for tutor time or PSHE lessons.

What's included?

Winner of the Fair Education Alliance Award 2020-21
Pilot evaluated by leading education evaluation experts, ImpactEd
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The content and ideas are excellent, and are exactly what we want to be doing with our children. We really believe in helping children develop their meta-cognition from a young age and the Strengths System definitely helps us do that."

I found that the Strengths Toolbox opened up an opportunity for a student of mine and his mum to have a conversation about his strengths that they had never had before. We would love to carry on using this."

One parent was amazed at how much her son, who had recently been struggling with schoolwork, was engaging with and developing from the Toolbox. He didn’t normally work well independently so she was really proud to see him doing so with the Toolbox."

It fits with our curriculum perfectly, and I think it really pins down the ‘softer’ skills, but more importantly explains to pupils why they are important skills to develop."

What teachers say

Benefits to your students

We understand that there are going to be new challenges to face on students return to school. Many teachers are worried about their students' mental health, and young people are worried about their futures.

Designed to support students as they return to school after lockdown, the Strengths System enables students to: 

Build resilience and boost


Become confident in their strengths

Establish a habit of goal-setting

Develop techniques to manage stress and maintain positive wellbeing

Set ambitious targets for the future

Benefits to teachers

The road to recovery will bring a challenging period of adjustment for teachers. The Strengths System is designed for easy implementation, enabling you to focus on building and strengthening relationships with your students.

A full set of ready to use PowerPoints and lesson plans 

Perfect for PSHE lessons or tutor time

Flexible to suit different student abilities

A combination of group activities and independent work

Easily adapted to meet your school priotities

Hi, I'm Kat and I manage our school partnerships.
I'd love to chat about how we can support your students. Please do get in touch using the buttons below. 
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Kat Luckock
Director of Partnerships
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Enquire today

To purchase the Strengths System, to find out more about the pricing structure and or to preview the resources, please contact Kat on the details below. 
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For parents

Are you a parent looking to purchase a copy of My Strengths Toolbox for your child?

This is a fantastic resource which will be instrumental in boosting the self-esteem of those who need it most. It addresses the wellbeing of the whole child.

Sharon, Parent

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