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Yes Futures win FEA Intrapreneurship Award

This week we received the exciting news that our application to the Fair Education Alliance Intrapreneurship Award had been successful!

This is an achievement we’re really proud of, as it was a competitive selection process and we’re excited about the prospect of internal innovation. In case you are wondering, intrapreneurs are defined by Pinchot (1985) as:

“Dreamers who do. Those who take responsibility for creating an innovation of any kind within an organisation.”

How did we get here?

This year has thrown up countless challenges, with those most vulnerable in our society being disproportionately affected, particularly young people.

Barnardo’s research found that at least a third of young people in the UK have experienced an increase in mental health and wellbeing issues. Not only this, but research by the Careers & Enterprise Company found that 98% of teachers reported increases in uncertainty and anxiety by their students about their future careers and opportunities during lockdown.

So our team decided to act!

Dreamers who do…

Our internal innovation, led by Sophie our Impact Manager is a physical resource to support young people to understand their strengths and set ambitious goals, particularly important given the impact of the pandemic. ‘My Strengths Toolbox’ enables young people to record their skills and achievements, learn about self-care and wellbeing, and develop positive goal-setting habits.

Sophie took this innovation to the FEA, and undertook a highly competitive selection process for the Intrapreneurship Award. After submitting our initial application, Sophie then attended a shortlisting call with a Headteacher and Managing Director of an education charity.

After being successful in this stage, Sophie then presented to the final judging panel of 7 judges, including the Chief Executive of a MAT, a senior staff member from Bloomberg and a board member of the FEA – no easy task!

And finally, we are delighted to say that ‘My Strengths Toolbox’ has been selected for the FEA Intrapreneurship Award further develop our innovation.

“I am delighted to have been selected for the Intrapreneurship Award with the FEA. I am proud of the work we have done to date with 'My Strengths Toolbox' and excited about the prospect of further developing our innovation over the next year with the support of the Award.” - Sophie

Our Innovation

My Strengths Toolbox is a comprehensive personal development workbook which helps young people to understand their strengths and how they can use them to be successful. Now more than ever, a focus on wellbeing and personal development is critical to enable our young people to lead happy and successful lives.

In its testing phase with over 2400 students, we have already received really positive feedback from schools, and are excited to further develop our product over the next year with the support from the Award.

"One parent was amazed at how much her son, who had recently been struggling with schoolwork, was engaging with and developing from the Toolbox. He didn’t normally work well independently so she was really proud to see him doing so with the Toolbox." - Teacher

What’s next?

We are already looking to use ‘My Strengths Toolbox’ as part of a new personal development and wellbeing curriculum for schools. This package called the 'Strengths System' includes:

  • 12 weeks of fully prepared lesson plans with PowerPoints and resources, including group discussion ideas and activities.

  • A copy of My Strengths Toolbox for each student: a personalised workbook which guides them through a series of reflective and goal-setting activities.

Our mission to empower all young people to develop self-esteem and make ambitious choices continues. This award will help us support students to lead successful lives at school, and flourish long into their future.


To find out more about the My Strengths Toolbox, or to request a sample curriculum from the Strengths System, contact Sophie our Impact Manager

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