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World of Work - King Edmund School at Reed Smith

Exploring Legal Professions: A Day at Reed Smith

Students from The King Edmund School, Year 8, embarked on an eye-opening journey into the legal world courtesy of Reed Smith, a global law firm! This immersive experience promised a day filled with discovery, learning, and insights into the legal profession.


After a lengthy coach journey, the students arrived at the Reed Smith offices, eager to explore the world of law.

First Impressions:

Ascending to the 33rd floor, some students hesitated before entering the lift, but their apprehension melted away as they beheld the breathtaking views of London. The sophisticated offices left them awestruck, setting the stage for a memorable day of exploration.

Engaging Activities:

The day unfolded with a series of interactive activities designed to deepen the student's understanding of the legal profession:

  • Speed Networking: Students engaged with Reed Smith professionals, gaining insights into various aspects of the legal field.

  • Reed Smith Talk and Quiz: An informative session provided students with an overview of Reed Smith, followed by a quiz to test their knowledge.

  • Industry-Based Group Activity: Students collaborated to consult on new products, exploring legal implications and considerations.

Student Performance and Highlights:

Students displayed commendable performance across all activities. The Reed Smith quiz, with the room split in half, witnessed spirited participation, promising a prize for the winning side in the forthcoming coaching session.

A standout moment was observed during the Dragons Den-style industry-based activity, where student groups confidently presented their ideas at the front of the room. Their exceptional communication skills and resilience, despite initial reluctance, showcased a remarkable achievement.

Outcomes and Reflections:

The day at Reed Smith yielded significant outcomes for both students and the law firm. Students made strides in communication and confidence, gaining valuable insights into the legal profession and its applications. Feedback forms highlighted their enjoyment and progress, reflecting the day's impact on their personal and professional development.

For Reed Smith, the day offered an opportunity to engage with and inspire the next generation of legal professionals. Witnessing the students' enthusiasm and growth reaffirmed the firm's commitment to fostering talent within the legal field.

As the students returned to school, they carried with them newfound knowledge, confidence, and inspiration. The journey to Reed Smith was a transformative experience that has opened doors to new possibilities.

A heartfelt thank you to Reed Smith and Carole Mehigan for providing these young minds with an unforgettable glimpse into the world of law!

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