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Home Grown Skills

Learning doesn't only happen in the classroom. We learn some of the most important life skills at home and from other experiences. 

The activities below will support young people to develop key skills such as confidence and resilience, as well as improve overall wellbeing. For a more in-depth look at skills and wellbeing at home, you can use our My Strengths Toolbox, a comprehensive workbook with over 100 hours of activities.

Did you know that Yes Futures is a charity? We specialise in young people's personal development and wellbeing. All our resources below are free. If you think they are great, please provide us with some feedback, or kindly donate to help us create more resources for young people. 

Thank you! 

Download Free Character Activity Sheets

  • Download this series of 8 comprehensive activity sheets ranging from 30-50 minutes and can be printed or done with just pen and paper. 

  • Start a young person on a character building journey with activity sheets they can complete on their own, or with your support. 

  • Develop key skills of confidence, resilience, self-awareness and communication. 

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Parent Guide to Coaching 

How can I best support my child to achieve their goals? 
What can I do when they are finding something challenging? 

Our Coaching Guide introduces how you can support your child to find the answer themselves, rather than telling them the answer.

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Did you find this resource helpful? Please provide some feedback, or consider donating £2.50 to help us reach more young people. 

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Quick activities for young people! 

If you've downloaded our activity sheets above, you can try some of these shorter 10-15 minute activities. They help establish routine, develop a young person's understanding of wellbeing, and help grow self-awareness. 

Wellbeing Workout

Wellbeing Workout.JPG
Take these steps to put your mental wellbeing first, and give it the workout it deserves. It takes a good routine to develop resilience and positive wellbeing. 

Journey Planner

Setting goals is a great way to get a young person thinking about their future. To reach a goal though, there are many steps along the way.
Try this journey mapper to break down the goals into smaller steps.
Journey Planner.JPG

Mindful Moment

Mindfulness comes in many shapes and sizes. It's important we become mindful in a way that suits us. 

We break down mindfulness into 5 easy steps for young people to try. 
Mindful Moment.JPG

Empowering your teenagers

poster to support empowering young people
Put the choice in their hands. With these five tips, empower teenagers to take ownership of their work, boosting motivation and improving your working relationship.

Learning about strengths

Identifying strengths in a young person
Taking a strengths based approach with young people can help improve relationships, deepen self-awareness and confidence. 
Explore their strengths and areas for development with this activity.

Getting to know yourself

This 15 minute activity will help a young person to develop their self-awareness. You can do this together or independently.
Getting to know myself.JPG
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