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Planning and organising high-impact activities to support students' personal development takes time and energy.


So, let us do that for your school.

We're a multi-award-winning charity that has strong evidence to support our programmes and the trust of over 60 partner schools. 

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"Every young person should be supported and empowered to believe in themselves and equipped with key life skills if they are to succeed beyond the classroom.

Yes Futures has an innovative solution, and every child should have access to this opportunity to unlock their personal potential."

Professor Mick Waters, former Headteacher and Director of the Curriculum at the Qualification and Curriculum Authority

Join our community of Secondary Schools 

Secondary schools across the South of England are joining our Rising Futures programme. 

We have highly subsidised places for targetted students to benefit from a year-long personal development programme. 

With over 60 schools in our community, we understand how to work with schools. 

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"We have not only seen an improvement at school, but parents have also mentioned the positive difference in their children's outlook and behaviour at home."

Miss Waldon, Lead Teacher, Bayliss Court School

"The Rising Futures programme has been a really positive opportunity for our students. I would definitely recommend the programme to other schools."

Vic Goddard, Co-Principal, Passmores Academy

To learn more about our Finding Futures, please visit www.yesfutures.org/rising-futures