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How can coaching benefit teachers?

Coaching is supporting someone to come to their own decision or action by asking effective questions. Coaching is founded on the belief that each individual has the ability to find the answers themselves.

Coaching is becoming increasingly popular across the education sector, and here at Yes Futures we’re big advocates of the coaching approach! Here are a few key benefits of coaching, specifically for teachers:

Coaching helps you to set goals that are challenging yet achievable. By talking through what you’d like to achieve with someone else, it helps you to break down longer-term goals into achievable chunks, and keeps you accountable for working towards them.

Coaching gives you an objective, non-judgemental perspective, giving you space to speak openly about any areas of your life. This can help you to truly reflect on your wants, needs, thoughts and feelings.

Coaching empowers you to make courageous decisions and take ownership of your actions. Coaching puts you at the centre of your life, giving you the confidence to make decisions for yourself and pursue your goals.

Coaching builds your own skills by equipping you with transferable tools to handle challenging situations. These coaching tools remain with you beyond your coaching sessions, giving you long-term skills you can apply to different areas of your life.

Coaching can be used in the classroom to support your students to take ownership of their own development. Coaching is a transformative tool for young people, developing their independent thinking, reflection and responsibility. Check out our Teacher Guide to Coaching for some tips on incorporating a coaching approach into your classroom.

Coaching can be used to support your colleagues and is proven to be an effective leadership tool. By encouraging your staff to think for themselves and showing them that you trust their judgement, you empower staff to be independent and self-sufficient.

We are currently offering a 12-week programme of free coaching sessions for teachers in partnership with Animas, a leading coaching organisation. To find out more about Creating Space, or to register your interest in this exciting opportunity, please click here.

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