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Mental Health Resources for Schools

At Yes Futures, we believe early intervention is crucial when it comes to mental health awareness and wellbeing. Through our school programmes, students benefit from high-impact support to improve their overall wellbeing and reach their personal potential.


Our free resources are designed to help schools build a culture of positivity, alongside recognising our strengths and talents.

A new package of ready-made wellbeing resources will be sent to you each week.

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Boosting your wellbeing

We all need good mental health and wellbeing – it's essential to living happy and healthy lives.

  • Remind your school community about the ways they can boost their own wellbeing with our free poster.

  • Encourage your students to complete their own wellbeing activities each day with our March wellbeing calendar!

  • Plus, there's a blank calendar for each month following March, so that your students can come up with their own daily wellbeing challenges for the rest of the academic year!

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Changing your mindset

Practising different methods of self-awareness can be an invaluable tool when it comes to managing your emotions, or even just in establishing good habits and routines.

  • Students can reflect on how much they're grown over the last few months. What challenges did they face? What have they discovered?

  • Regular negative thoughts can become a vicious cycle and can affect our overall mood. Our 'positive thinking' activity will enable students to recognise positive features in themselves.

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Mindfulness & reaching for your goals

Everyone needs a calm moment now and again. Asking young people to reflect on their present and their hopes for the next few months can them to feel able to cope with things that happen or problems they want to solve. 

  • Our mindfulness colouring puzzle packs are designed to help students feel calm and focused.

  • Being overwhelmed can leave us feeling out of control and unsatisfied. As students work through their fulfilment wheel pack, they will be able to identify areas of life where support, guidance, and additional focus are needed.

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