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School Community Newsletter 31/03/23

As students and teachers start gearing up for exams season the pressure can feel intense but good revision practice can help alleviate some of that exam stress.

Being able to retain information and retrieve it when necessary can be tricky. Even trickier is getting students to focus on improving this capability, but with your guidance students can develop really useful techniques to help them optimise their memory and achieve their academic goals.


  • Allowing students to determine their own revision schedule allows them to have agency and flexibility. Spending hours at a time sitting down in front of a book will not suit everyone, smaller bursts of revision can be even more effective and allows for better memory retention.

  • Visual aids can be incredibly effective for students that are more visually orientated. Using maps, diagrams and illustrations can allow students to make connections in their minds that may have been previously difficult through just text.

  • Students that revise together, do better together. Discussing topics, asking each other questions and giving each other answers creates memories that last past exam season. 😉

We hope you’ll find our ‘reading list’ this week useful for this upcoming exam season!

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