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School Community Newsletter 10/03/23

If there was a topic of conversation that has dominated online discourse recently, it’s been artificial intelligence (AI)  - in particular Chat GPT - and it's been causing quite a stir amongst the educational community.

So, how does this affect you?

AI technology can be a great way to potentially save time, allowing for tasks such as marking papers or checking attendance to be done in a streamlined manner, leaving teachers with more time on other important things. Of course, there can also be drawbacks, we have seen students taking advantage of AI to help them with their own homework, opening a door to a new kind of plagiarism that has schools running to update those respective policies. There is also the threat that AI can potentially cause privacy violations or even perpetuate biases.

This week we’re diving into the good and the bad of AI and tools like ChatGPT to enable you as educators to assess if and where the tool could add value.



Does AI have the potential to be an amazing teaching tool?

There is a fear that the use of AI might lead to a lot of plagiarism, but actions can be put in place to keep that in check. What is it good for then?


How can AI support you?

This is a great article on all the ways you, as a teacher, can make the most of tools like Chat GPT for lesson planning, administrative tasks, ideas for school trips and more.


Friend or Foe - how are top universities responding to the use of AI by their students?

Not all universities are responding in the same way to the use of AI. Rather than banning the tool, some universities are opting to teach students how to make the best use of it.


A free guide for teachers on Chat GPT!

56% of computing teachers feel like their school is not prepared for some of the issues that may arise from AI. This article has a brilliant guide specifically on Chat GPT, to help teachers navigate the tool to best support their students. The article contains a link to a downloadable and free guide.


Impacting education in a positive way

A great piece on how AI can be beneficial for learning in the long run and how the hurdles of AI may be worth overcoming so it can be better implemented in schools.

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