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School Community Newsletter 12/05/23

This week we’re talking about metacognition, specifically, how it keeps students motivated.

Metacognition is the ability to reflect on your own thought processes and understand how you learn best. When young people develop metacognitive skills, they become better equipped to set goals, monitor their progress, and adjust their learning strategies.

So, how does that relate to motivation? When young people have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, they feel more in control of their learning. This sense of control is incredibly motivating as it helps them see the direct impact of their effort on their progress.

Another important aspect of developing a motivational mindset is goal setting. By encouraging reflection through goal setting, young people develop the metacognitive skills they need to take control of their learning and reach their full potential. At Yes Futures, we are proud to provide this through our programmes.

Below are some great articles on metacognition and motivation.



What is metacognition?

This article from the Child Mind Institute breaks down what metacognition is and how you can encourage it in your students.


Keeping up motivation in teenagers

Now more than ever, young people have a lot on their minds, so how do we get them to focus their attention on the work in front of them? This article is here to guide you.


Intrinsic motivation or extrinsic motivation?

The BBC has a great article on how you can harness your student’s natural curiosity rather than having them work for the sake of a reward, like a good grade. 



Grit, persistence and the Role of Emotion

Harvard has a brilliant article about the importance of hard work and ‘knuckling down’ for young people, as well as offering 8 research-based strategies for improving motivation.


The way children think about learning affects their learning!

Getting children to think introspectively not only sets them up with the ability to learn and grow but also impacts their self-awareness in a positive way.

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