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School Community Newsletter 17/03/23

This week we’re discussing the importance of self-regulation.

Self-regulation is the ability to manage and control your energy, emotions, attention and behaviours. It is an incredibly valuable skill which enables young people to manage their impulses and make better decisions, both personally and academically.

Evidence suggests that improvements in the key components of self-regulation: metacognition, cognition and motivation, can significantly impact attainment. Supporting self-regulation is also a classroom management strategy in its own right, providing the space teachers need to concentrate on learning.

However, teaching young people how to self-regulate is not something that happens overnight, it’s a process in which young people are given guidance, time and structure to practise the skill. Our programme takes students on a 12-month journey of intensive personalised coaching and support, providing your students with the tools they need to learn how to self-regulate, set themselves goals and build their aspirations. Registration for our September 2023 programmes is now open and it’s set to be our biggest yet! You can book a call to learn more about becoming a Rising Futures here.

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