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School Community Newsletter 10/02/23

This week we’re talking about dreams! No, not the ones you have at night. We’re talking about the aspirations and goals of our students. Aspirational thinking gives young people the drive to make positive changes within themselves and helps to keep them motivated. Not only that but setting oneself meaningful milestones to reach increases the odds of succeeding in life, whatever that success may be. Whether it’s to become more confident, to study more or to find a job in a field that may interest them.

Our role as educators is to help support young people by sparking that aspirational mindset. This isn’t always easy, and we know that many young people, for a variety of reasons including economic disadvantage, may struggle to see a future for themselves. When this is the case, it is much harder for these young people to stay engaged at school and for teachers to maintain this engagement.

This week we’ll be focusing on ways to build and strengthen aspiration in your students. At Yes Futures, our programmes empower young people to believe in themselves and set themselves goals to achieve their potential. One of the ways in which we achieve this is through our World of Work trips where we take young people to inspirational workplaces to network with professionals, build their employability skills and reflect on their aspirations. Below is a short video with one of our World Of Work trips in partnership with the creative agency, Havas.

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