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World of Work - MKC Training at Royal School of Military Engineers

Updated: Jan 22

The World of Work day at MKC Training, Institute of Royal Engineers was not just an ordinary day for the Year 7 students from Robertsbridge Community College. The journey itself became an adventure as they travelled by coach, covering a significant distance of 1 hour and 20 minutes. As they arrived, the students were greeted by the imposing size of the Barracks, creating an initial sense of awe and excitement.

First Impressions:

The students' overwhelming reaction upon arrival reflected their fascination with the history of Brompton Barracks and the palpable military presence. An unexpected highlight was the tale of 'Snob the Dog,' who earned the Crimea Medal with Alma Clasp and found his final resting place on-site. The combination of history and military stories set the stage for an engaging and educational experience.


Throughout the day, the students actively participated in a range of activities, showcasing their curiosity and enthusiasm. Surveyor's cameras and instruments became tools of exploration, and a VR tour of NHS careers opened new doors of possibility. The QR-coded independent learning session on carpentry and joinery provided hands-on experience while speed networking with MKC, Military, and Engineering staff allowed students to delve into real-world insights.

One of the standout moments was the students' design of their own learning experience for the future, leading to a presentation that showcased creativity and critical thinking. Notably, a group including Lilly S, Evelynn M, Gracie K, and Kian B won an award for their outstanding presentation, highlighting their confidence and achievements throughout the day.

Performance and Achievements:

The students' performance was commendable, with many stepping out of their comfort zones. Notable instances included a student proudly discussing his great-great grandfather's war experiences and another confidently engaging in speed networking and presenting their group's idea. The winning group, unable to contain their joy, expressed how pushing beyond their comfort zones made the day unforgettable.

Some students delved into the technical aspects, captivated by the surveying session and demonstrating a keen interest in measuring instruments and photography. The day became a platform for them to explore potential career paths with genuine enthusiasm.


The World of Work day at MKC Training was filled with highlights, from historical tales to hands-on activities, standout moments included the students' confident presentations and the award-winning group's delight. The outcomes were twofold – students gained invaluable insights into the world of military and engineering, while MKC Training experienced the enthusiasm and engagement of a vibrant group of young minds.

Feedback forms revealed students' reflections, with many expressing newfound interest in potential career paths and gratitude for the opportunity to learn in a real-world setting.

A huge thank you to John, who was an amazing host to us!

Quote from Jess, the Programme Manager:

"It was amazing to see the interactivity and engagement from the students, and the hosts who ran it professionally were incredible with the young people."

For more information on our programmes and to find out how we could support your students, please visit our Programmes page.

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