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Online and on TV: Classes to support home learning for kids during lockdown

Young people are once again learning from home following the government’s school closures. Teachers are doing a fantastic job adapting to provide remote learning, continuing to support their students through this challenging time.

But they are not the only ones stepping up to support our young people. Last year we saw a whole host of celebrities, charities and other organisations using their expertise to support young people learning at home. And they are back to help again! Here’s our roundup of some we’ve seen that could benefit parents, teachers and students.

Joe Wicks’ PE Lessons

The nation's PE Teacher is back at it again, hosting live PE workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9am on his YouTube channel. With his passion for exercise, words of encouragement and infectious enthusiasm, this 20 minutes of high energy exercise is totally worth your while. It’s a great way to get the whole family together, and his workouts are saved so you can catch up when it is best for you. (This one is definitely not just for students, also a great morning energy boost for adults!)

BBC TV Classes

Whilst many students are still without easy access to devices for online learning, the BBC are running classes through their TV channels to reach many more families.

This is an extraordinary level of support by the BBC to ensure all students have access to curriculum-based learning. There will be a range of teachers, including some celebrities so keep a lookout!

Oak National Academy

Founded by teachers, the Oak National Academy has over 10,000 free online lessons for young people, covering a wide range of the curriculum. This is particularly helpful for teachers who may need extra support with filling students’ timetables for learning at home.

Myleene Klass’ Music Lessons

The arts have been one of the worst affected areas by the coronavirus pandemic...but Myleene doesn’t want that to put young people off. Her online classes are back, teaching young people about the importance of music, its key elements and an introduction to various instruments.

Twinkl Home Learning Hub

From Early Years all the way to KS3/4, Twinkl has got you covered. They have online classes and new resources uploaded every day, created by their community of teachers. There is plenty on there to mix things up and you can access a lot for free.

Recent government advice for teachers has suggested that ‘online video lessons do not necessarily need to be recorded by teaching staff at the school: Oak National Academy lessons, for example, can be provided in lieu of school-led video content.’

This provision will go a long way in supporting teachers to deliver a full curriculum to students, ensuring that there is as little disruption to learning as possible. This is also an opportunity for teachers to lighten their load a little - you don’t need to do it all yourselves!


For wellbeing and skills development resources for students learning at home, Yes Futures has a range of free, easy to use resources focused on Home Grown Skills, check these out here.

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