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Celebrity Masterclasses for Young People Studying at Home

Celebrities across the country have risen to the challenge to use their expertise to support young people. Where schools have closed and students are now at home, it's more important that ever to draw from support where we can from others. As teachers, you can use these classes to enrich your curriculum and add new interesting forms of learning for your students. This can be particularly helpful for those still supporting children of key worker families.

We've laid these classes out in the form of a routine. Routine is one of the essential ways to empower your students during this time, and we hope you find this useful! Sign up to receive free weekly resources straight to your inbox.

9:00am: Wake up to P.E. with Joe Wicks and do some exercise!

1.00pm: Making Music at home with Myleene Klass (no instrument required!)

2.00pm: History class with Dan Snow (free subscription for 30-days)

3.00pm Art Class with Noel Fielding - head to his Twitter for a new art challenge every day!

By no means are we encouraging substituting homework set by schools for classes taught by celebrities, but this list could really help take the pressure off parents and teachers during this challenging time. If you find it useful, share it with your friends and family!


For more resources for teachers and parents, head over to our free resources page.

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