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Woodland View Junior School Play Your Part Day

A chilly day, but the sun was shining for Woodland View Junior Schools play your part day at RSPB Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve. The ten students taking part in this day were very excited about the day ahead. Hopping on the mini bus, we all became settled to enjoy our 20 minute journey to Strumpshaw.

Hurrying off the mini bus, we waited for a volunteer to meet us and get us safely across the pedestrian path, crossing the railway tracks. This required phoning through to the signal man so we could safely transport all the students across!

Taking place on Halloween, Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve decorated a nice yurt ready for our arrival! The spooky yurt served as our base camp for the day. We then split into two groups, and were assigned different activities. Annica and Olivia took their group bird watching on the trail walk while Mr Noble and myself set off to try out some pond dipping! The students were enjoying being outdoors participating in different activities, and their behaviour was superb.

While pond dipping, the boys found eight different species of fish! Naturally, a healthy competition began; setting out to catch as many different species as we could find. Sadly, the fish wanted to elude us!

Walking back through the park, we set to have lunch back at base camp. Once the girls returned from their trail walk, we all had a wonderful lunch inside the yurt.

We then switched activities! Staying in the same groups, Mr. Noble and I went to the nature trail to look for birds. Annica and Olivia then took their group to try out pond dipping.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed the day, we worked on teamwork and communication when pond dipping and bird watching.

Thanks to RSPB Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve for an amazing play your part day!

- Ben Stone, Yes Futures Coach

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