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Miers Court Students Play Their Part at Riverside Country Park

Last Friday, ten excited year six students from Miers Court headed to Riverside Country Park for their 'Play Your Part' day. This is an opportunity for the students to get involved with a local community project, give something back and recognise how valuable their talents can be.

Despite an uncertain start to the day with heavy rain, the skies cleared and it stayed dry long enough for the team to get on with some hard work.

Supported by the very knowledgeable and accommodating park ranger, Rob, the children and staff were given their work tools (of course after a safety briefing!) and set off on a walk. They explored an area which was being cleared to allow a wildflower meadow to grow, in order to promote bio-diversity in the area.

Each and every child got stuck in clipping away at overgrown weeds and raking debris into large piles – there was a competition going on as to who got the biggest pile! The children worked, without a grumble or complaint for two hours with just a quick break for a snack and water stops.

After a well-earned lunch, the group were given a nature tour around the park before finishing the day letting off steam in the play area.

I would like to say a big well done to the group who all worked extremely hard, had a great day and behaved impeccably. Riverside Country Park are very grateful for your help and I am very proud of your efforts!

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