My Internship with Yes Futures!

It’s been three months since I joined the Yes Futures team as an intern. During my short time here I have attended Coaching sessions, graduations, a mini Into the Wild trip, sat in on a workshop at the Twitter UK headquarters and learned a little bit of British slang.

Before traveling 5,000 miles to come to London, I was a little unsure of what the future held. I was a recent University grad who was looking to gain some international work experience. I had no clear idea what it was that I wanted to do with my degree. So it’s only fitting that I came to work for a charity that is extremely focused on helping young people gain confidence to achieve their future goals. I have learned so many valuable life lessons from the Yes Futures team.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned while with Yes Futures is how important confidence is. I can say that Sarah and the Yes Futures team have helped boost my confidence by 1000%, just by working with me to capitalise on my strengths. If I have learnt anything it would be that it’s ok to make mistakes and ask questions! This has been by far one of the most life-changing adventures of my life thanks to the Yes Futures team!

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