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From 'trackies' to 'trousers': The lessons I have learnt with Yes Futures

There have been many valuable lessons I have already learnt in my short time here in London.

For example, when trying to make a good first impression, it’s not wise to mix up ‘pants’ and ‘trousers’.

I have also come to realise that ‘summer’ in England is a very loose guideline that can mean being both sunburnt and drenched in a matter of hours.

This is not to say my whole time here has been spent looking like a wet, burnt foreigner; I have gained many new skills too

—such as mastering the delicate art of dunking biscuits in tea.

Aussie blunders and culture shocks aside, one of the most valuable lessons I have learnt has been from my time here with Yes Futures.

I can certainly appreciate how the idea of ‘the future’ can sometimes seem like an impossibly big black pit somewhere off in the distance.

A big, black pit that I will one day have to jump into and hopefully fall out the other side and into a career.

At least, this is how I used to feel.

But now, being a part of the Yes Futures team has shown me that the future is something to get excited about! It is full of wonderful opportunities, challenges and learning experiences.

My time with Sarah and Faye has helped me develop confidence in my abilities, as well as showing me how to help others find that confidence in themselves.

While I am only a month into my internship, and I am still working on how to navigate my way around London, (particularly during a tube strike), I have no doubt that what I will learn here will equip me for a positive and fulfilling future ahead.

To follow more of what I've been doing with the Yes Futures team, check out the #JustSayYes twitter campaign by clicking on this link

or follow the campaign on twitter here

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