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Strengths Unearthed: A Coaching Journey

Updated: May 10

Written by Teena Shah

A Career and Certified Business Coach & ICF Member. Graduated with a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Coaching. Experience in Technology Recruitment and Career Coaching across the UK and APAC. What sets her apart, is her unique approach blending Psychology, Coaching & Recruitment to support individuals in achieving their goals. Her commitment to client progression has generated countless success stories. 

Award-winning highly recommended best recruiter APAC. 

Mindvalley London Host 

Yes Futures Coach

Coaching has been a transformative journey in my life.

I was raised in a community where predefined career paths were the norm such as an accountant or doctor, yet amidst these expectations, I yearned for a different narrative, one centred around helping others. In my youth, it was the philosophers who enchanted me, and Socrates' quote resonated in my mind "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." Fuelled by curiosity, I embarked on pursuing a BSc in Psychology in the UK, it was truly enriching and insightful. Without exercising self-reflection, I began my career journey, in the corporate sales arena.

However, internally, my passions remained confined, and I felt a lack of alignment with my values, strengths, and true interests. If only, I had a coach to help! After nearly a decade of working, I reached a pivotal moment and I knew it was time to make a change. I undertook an MSc in Organisational Coaching in Australia, a program that adopted an evidenced-based approach and principles of positive psychology, this endeavour marked a significant evolution in my coaching journey. I felt a growing sense of excitement as I realised I was gaining expertise and skills in the field that truly ignited my passion.

As I reflect on this transformative journey from a seeker of wisdom to self-discovery of my strengths, values, and passions to becoming a facilitator of growth. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that have shaped me. Taking on this newly founded knowledge, I began to infuse coaching into my professional life, coaching executives along their career paths. In this beautiful dance of the coach and client something magical happens through dialogue, a spell of self-discovery flows. The journey continues to evolve with exciting times ahead, I recently completed an accredited certification in Business Coaching and I am now an ICF member.

Your career journey is uniquely yours, it’s a voyage of self-discovery, requiring moments of self-awareness and self-reflection. Take the time to ponder upon your strengths and values. Uncover the passions that ignite you, for therein lies the compass to guide you towards your potential. Should you find yourself adrift, seek the guidance of a coach to help you unearth your strengths and passions that guide you towards the path that brings you genuine fulfilment.

For me, the joy derived from being a coach transcends above, it is liberating and elevates my spirit. To now be a part of a community that fosters and empowers individual’s growth, is a gratification beyond expectations. Employing the art of coaching, I have found not just a career, but joy in what I do and so can you.

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