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Programme Update (Oct 2023)

Updated: Jan 25

We are incredibly excited to have begun our September 2023 programmes!

This September, we have welcomed over 300 students from the following schools:

We’ve had a fabulous first month of the new school year here at Yes Futures’ connecting with all the lead teachers and delivering Welcome Sessions and some of the first coaching sessions with students this cycle.

During their coaching sessions, our volunteer coaches support students to self-reflect and take responsibility for their own development, in one of their chosen talent areas: communication, confidence, resilience and self-awareness. Each student works through our award-winning Talent Toolbox with their coach.

After their coaching two sessions, each cohort of students will participate in an action-packed day where they’re challenged to step outside their comfort zone. In December and January, all students will have the opportunity to visit our corporate partner's offices on their World of Work Day where they gain a clearer understanding of working life and thinking about their future.

Alongside this students from our previous cycle (March 2023) have started their self-coaching journey. We want students on our programme to leave their last coaching session believing they can continue to set and smash their goals and develop the skills of Confidence, Resilience, Communication and Self-Awareness. This is where the power of self-coaching comes in; the challenge to set themselves some time each week to set, review and work on their goals.

We’re looking forward to sharing some of our impact data from our March 2023 cohort of students, with you in next week's blog.

For more information on our programmes and to find out how we could support your students, please visit our Programmes page.

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