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Marylebone Boys School are Inspired by St James Place on their World Of Work

We had a brilliant World of Work day at St James' Place - Wealth Management. SJP is a FTSE-100 wealth management business that gives financial advice to clients.  Founded in 1992, they've grown rapidly to be the largest company in the sector in the UK, with over £112.8bn of client funds under management. We were fortunate enough to take the Rising Futures Students from Marylebone School to visit this inspirational workplace on a World of Word trip.

The morning session started off with a quiz which had the students engaged from the start. They then heard from several members of staff about their own career journeys and the jobs they do now. They learned about various job roles and the skills and qualifications needed to work there and some fun facts about the financial services industry.

We were then given a tour of the office and its fabulous rooftop terrace with amazing views across London and talked about the different departments that operate in the building. 

After lunch, the boys took part in the 'Speed Networking' activity where students worked in 3 groups with members of staff who rotated around the group answering all of the student's questions. This went really well and you could see the students gaining confidence and communicating well as time went on. We spent the final time reflecting on the Talents that we had used today before returning to school.

Several of the students had some great breakthroughs during the day. Very insightful questions were asked by a number of the students. We had fantastic participation in the activity, with a number of the boys achieving their goals and taking on leadership roles. One student felt very much at home as he would like to work in business in the future, and thinks SJP is a perfect fit. We're excited to see him become the CEO one day!! The team as SJP commented on how all the students behaved in a professional and respectful manner, showing great signs of having successful futures.

A big thanks for St James Place for hosting our Rising Futures students for a highly inspirational World of Work day. They have come away with big plans for the future!


To find out more about how your students could get involved with the Yes Futures Programmes, please contact Sophie, Impact Manager:, 07908 687779 or visit our website.

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