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5 Tips for Empowering Teenagers when Studying at Home

To ensure teenagers are still developing independence and essential life skills at home, we as parents and educators must empower them. We have prepared some simple tips that will help overcome some of the particular challenges that arise when students are working at home. We must learn to adapt to changing times and make sure we keep our young people on track for success. We believe the route to a successful homeworking practice is through empowerment.

So what can you do?

1. Support them to establish a routine

A schedule is important to provide structure, but you don’t need to impose one onto them. Let them draw up their own schedule – they are more likely to stick to it. (Plus, this saves you a job!) We've produced a list of daily activities provided by celebrities that could be used to support home learning.

2. Give them more responsibility than normal

This is a chance to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and contribute.

Ask them to choose some ways they can help the family get through this time.

Can they help cook some meals? Organise a games night during the week?

3. Let them teach YOU!

When it comes to home learning, everyone is a learner! Let them plan a lesson or finish the day by teaching you about what they’ve learnt. You'll be amazed at what they can do, plus you might learn something new yourself!

4. Allow space for them to express their emotions

Everyone is likely to experience anxiety and mixed emotions during this time, but especially teenagers who are already undergoing a lot of changes. Make space through reflective chats, quiet walks or private journaling.

5. Social Interaction

Mobile phones are going to be essential to keep in touch with friends and family. Ask them to decide their own ‘online’ time and reward them when they stick to it!

For a free poster version, click here to download.


For more resources for teachers and parents, head over to our free resources page.

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