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Julian’s Primary Students Engage with Virtual Reality at KPMG for World of Work Day

On 28th June, our Finding Futures students from Julian’s Primary School visited the KPMG office in Canary Wharf for an absolutely brilliant World of Work Day.

For many of our students, this was their first time visiting a professional office setting. We were so thrilled that the students had the opportunity to see technology professionals in action at one of the leading consulting agencies in the world.

We started our day with a super fun activity! The KPMG professionals challenged our students to a storyboarding challenge. The students were tasked with developing a new app and came up with amazing ideas, from interactive games to innovative music apps. They marketed their apps so well that the KPMG judges said that they would fund all of their proposals! The students demonstrated their creativity and communication skills and impressed everyone in the office.

After lunch, the students were given the opportunity to ask the developers about their careers. At KPMG’s Insight Centre, the students learned about how employees develop innovative digital solutions for their clients and their process for testing new products. The students were able to experience state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets and took part in a brilliant Q&A session. They came up with insightful questions and really let their imaginations run free.

We loved seeing their confidence grow as they asked questions about the virtual reality products and what daily life is like working at KPMG. The students were deeply engaged in the conversations and learned so much from these professionals!

Yes Futures is incredibly proud of our Finding Futures students from Julian’s Primary School. They demonstrated amazing confidence, resilience, self-awareness, and communication skills during their time at KPMG.

Thank you to KPMG for a lovely World of Work Day!

To find out more about how your students could get involved with the Yes Futures Programmes, please contact Sophie, Impact Manager:, 07908 687779 or visit our website.

If you're interested in becoming a World of Work partner, please contact Helena, Head of Programmes:

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