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Passmores Academy goes to Greenlight Digital for World of Work day: Public speaking, Goodie bags, an

At 9.30am on Thursday, 20th June, 15 Rising Futures students from Passmores Academy and coaches were ready for a day of exploring the world of digital media at Greenlight Digital based at King’s Cross in London.

Greenlight Digital provides digital marketing services such as website development and content social media creation for well-known brands such as GHD, Carphone Warehouse, Primark, EBay and Superdry.

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by Lou, The Head of Content and Digital PR who shared the company’s history and their key values of being brave and having attention to detail.

Three members of their staff Chris, Marin and Miles shared their personal and professional journeys with us from the age of 13 to the present.

After an engaging discussion, our students had the opportunity to interview Greenlight staff. It was really great to observe how our students had the confidence to ask the professionals not only what they enjoyed about their job, but also, daring question such as...

“What decisions would you have changed if you were 13 again? ” ....

A very thought provoking and reflexive question which was given a heartfelt response ...

“Whilst your time in education seems a long time, in reality it’s only a short chapter of your life. I wish I had put more effort in rather than just enough to get by. I didn’t get the university grade I wanted and I couldn’t do it again. So if you want certain things in your life it’s about doing your best and putting in the effort to succeed.”

What great words of wisdom for our students!

After a lunch of Domino’s Pizza sitting in a 1950’s style lunch room with jukebox, billiard table, popcorn and fresh fruit, the students were asked to complete a team challenge on how they would support the clothing company ‘Gap’ in a social media campaign.

All students worked hard and the teams presented back to both Lou and AJ, the CEO, who kindly gave some of his time. He shared some practical advice for public speaking. Simply put, he encouraged our students to engage with the audience and rely on their energy to give you confidence, rather than relying on reading notes. Thanks AJ, that’s a great tip!

After the students completed their presentation, select teams received goodie bags containing a notepad, pen and a GAP voucher to spend.

As you can imagine... there were lots of smiling faces.

It was definitely an inspirational day for both the students and the coaches. On the way back home, I asked several students what they thought of the day.........

“It was one of the best trips I have been on in my life and I would love to work for the company one day!”

“A different experience talking to new people and stepping outside my comfort zone.”

“It was good to see how other businesses work and how they grow to be international.”

“There is a variety of different jobs to choose from.”

“Interesting day and I feel we’re more self aware.”

“You can change your career path if you do not like it.”

“Do what you enjoy.”

“Everyone has their own different journeys before they got their job at Greenlight Digital.”

“You don’t always know what you want to do when you are young and that is ok.”

Passmores students were a credit to the school and their parents. They were polite, actively involved throughout the day and above all, curious.

The students developed their Talent Areas by holding conversations with new people, staying calm whilst working on a challenge and then presenting to the owner of the company! Now that shows bravery and attention to detail in all our students!

Congratulations everyone for a great day out!

Thank you Greenlight Digital for all of your time!!

To find out more about how your students could get involved with the Yes Futures Programmes, please contact Sophie, Impact Manager:, 07908 687779 or visit our website.

If you're interested in becoming a World of Work partner, please contact Helena, Head of Programmes:

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