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A day at EY

On Wednesday 24th January, Yes Futures took 22 very excited students, from Miers Court and Trinity Road Primary School, to spend the day at EY as their 'World of Work day'. Not only did the students get to experience the exhilarating views overlooking Canary Wharf (from the 20th floor!), they had the amazing opportunity of experiencing working life at one of the largest, multinational professional service companies in the world.

The day started with a speech from an EY Partner, an expansive tour of the EY offices, a (very posh) buffet lunch and a talk with an experienced Manager. The students then paired up and had the opportunity to interview staff from all different employment sectors in EY; questions ranged from 'What were your ambitions when you were younger?' to 'Who is your favourite character in Harry Potter?'.

It was fantastic to see all the students leave the day with a new sense of enthusiasm and ambition for the world of work, some even claiming that one day they want to be the CEO of a company like EY. They couldn't wait to tell school and parents all about it!

Here is Harry's experience of the day...


Harry, Year 6, Miers Court Primary School

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