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A day with Heart Essex Radio

Wednesday was a very exciting day for our students from Trinity Road Primary School in Chelmsford. They had an amazing opportunity to visit Heart Essex Radio and get an insight into working on a radio station.

The day started with a tour of Heart FM Radio with radio presenter Su, from Essex’s favourite radio breakfast show, ‘Martin and Su’.

Su explained to the students the structure of the radio, showed them different departments and the many different roles involved in producing a radio show.

“I think it is all about your confidence if you want to work in the radio.” - Marcus

All the students enthusiastically agreed that being confident is a critical skill for getting the job you want in the future. The students were given many opportunities to develop their own confidence. They had the chance to ask Su lots of questions, meet other radio workers and even have a go at being a radio presenter!

The building was filled with their excitement, enthusiasm and curiosity. The students left with the understanding that believing in yourself and your skills is what enables you to be really successful in your life.

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