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The Power of Coaching

Coaching empowers people to find their own answers and to make their own choices. It guides people to reach their full potential; it is the art of facilitating the learning, development and performance of another, unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance, helping them to move forward faster than they would be able to on their own.

How we coach at Yes Futures

At Yes Futures we train all our coaches in the commonly used GROW model: Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward/What next.

This model helps someone realise what strengths and experiences they can draw on and that the answer is already within him or her. It can reveal fears and beliefs and is a creative process that involves considering things not previously considered. It motivates and enthuses the individual to tackle any obstacles.

Soft skills are key

It’s crazy to think that many jobs that young people will have do not exist yet. Sadly only 6% of businesses are confident that careers advice is good enough for young people and nearly two-thirds think advice must improve. It is so crucial therefore to develop soft skills in young people, which is why coaching at Yes Futures focuses on these: confidence, resilience, communication, motivation and self-reflection.

J’s Path of Progress

148 young people have benefited from coaching on the Yes Futures programme this academic year (2015-16). Here is one inspirational story, and a personal highlight, showing the impact of a coaching relationship

J had little confidence outside of her friendship group and was especially uncomfortable in unfamiliar places and with people she didn’t know. Over the course of the programme she became able to ask questions of strangers and show some of her great personality outside of her friendship group. She started to laugh and joke with the coaches, and offer her opinion to strangers. On the final trip she acted as team leader for a day. The group was not an easy one but J now realised she had the power to make or break the situation and stepped up to be a great team leader, getting people on side and changing the mood of the group and being a positive role model.

Words by Caroline Stagg.

Caroline is a Lead Coach at a Yes Futures partner school and also works as a freelance professional coach.

Twitter: carolinestagg

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