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10 signs you are developing your confidence

Inspired by a book she read recently, our Chief Executive Sarah has been thinking about how to know when you are becoming more confident.

Given this is such a core outcome of our programmes, it is something we all think about regularly at Yes Futures. Confidence looks different to different people, so the below list is intended to be thought-provoking and spark ideas – you may agree or disagree. We’d love to hear your thoughts too!

10 signs you are developing your confidence: a thought-provoking list by Sarah Sewell:

1. You can recognise that doing your best is good enough and mistakes are normal.

2. You share your thoughts with others more often, knowing that your opinion is valid.

3. You become able to enjoy and accept the present moment, secure in the knowledge that you can’t change the past and the future hasn’t happened yet.

4. You lose interest in judging other people or interpreting their actions/behaviours.

5. You lose interest in judging yourself, choosing to focus on your strengths and positives instead of criticism.

6. You begin to wear what you want, rather than choosing clothes to please or shock other people.

7. You can focus on the positives in a situation, however difficult it is.

8. You respond to aggression or negativity with calmness and control, instead of reacting emotionally.

9. You feel more comfortable trying new things or meeting new people.

10. You sometimes find yourself smiling for no reason.


To help you support young people's confidence we have several 30-50 minute activity sheets. They can be found at our Home Grown Skills page, and can be done by a child independently, or together as a family.

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