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We know how important personal development and wellbeing are, but understand that busy teachers often don't have the time to prepare resources which focus on these areas.

Having run personal development programmes for over 10 years, and teaching in the classroom before that, we've learnt what works. The resources below are flexible, easy-to-use and many can be adapted to suit both primary and secondary students

We really hope you find the below helpful with your students, do let us know how you get on.

Character Scheme of Work

Through these 8 lessons, students will explore their confidence, resilience, communication and self-awareness in detail, gaining a deeper understanding of each character strength and applying them to their own lives.

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Activities and games

Play is an important aspect of pedagogy throughout students' learning. Use these games and activities to introduce key personal development skills such as confidence, resilience, communication and self-awareness

Teacher guide to coaching 

An introductory guide for all teachers.

  • Consider how coaching can be incorporated into your lesson plans.

  • Encourage students to set goals, grow in confidence and self-awareness.

  • Adaptable for KS2 through to KS4.

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Getting to know your students

Building a positive relationship from the outset is critical to getting the most from your students throughout the year.


Our resources provide a quick and easy way for you to understand a bit more about your students. We have an option for both primary and secondary students

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