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King Edmund Students get Creative at Hawkins Brown Architects

On Thursday 12 December, Hawkins Brown Architects  hosted a World Of Work Day for the students of King Edmund School on the Rising Futures Programme. 

The morning began with an introduction into Hawkins Brown giving the students an insight into the company. Hawkins Brown is an internationally renowned architecture firm employing some of the leading architects in the country.

The students were then split into 2 groups which rotated, 1 group went on a tour of the offices while the other group met with the HR manager. While touring the office the students were able to explore the different departments and were able to see how many different roles make up the business. During the tour the students saw the amazing models of buildings that were on display, their response was very positive and they asked lots of questions.

The HR manager gave the students an introduction into working life, helping them expand their knowledge of what a company might look for in an employee and how someone might apply for work experience with them. Again, the students were very engaged, asking lots of questions.

The 1st of the day was speed networking. The students worked in groups of 3 with members of staff who rotated around the groups answering all of the students questions. The students learnt about various job roles and the skills and qualifications needed. It was fantastic to see the students confidence growing while using their communication talents.

After lunch the students we split into 3 groups and took part in the 2nd activity, to design a park. Each group was given a large sheet of paper, coloured pens, coloured card and other crafty items. The students were engaged from the start and within the groups they all worked well, listening to each other's ideas and using their communication and self awareness talents. Each group was asked to present their park to the rest of us, this was a great opportunity for students to become more confident speaking in public. The Hawkins Brown team were very impressed with the well thought through ideas of the students.

Several of the students had some great breakthroughs during the day, there was excellent participation during the ‘build a park’ activity, a number of students achieved their goals of being more confident and communicating their ideas.

Thank you to Hawkins Brown for being a fantastic partner and introducing the students from the Rising Futures programme to the World of Work.

Written by Christina Hall


To find out more about how your students could get involved with the Yes Futures Programmes, please contact Sophie, Impact Manager:, 07908 687779 or visit our website.

If you're interested in becoming a World of Work partner, please contact Helena, Head of Programmes:

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