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Pearson UK World of Work - What an Experience!

Our WOW day was a visit to Pearson UK, based in the Strand, London, a Footsie 100 company with over 4,500 staff. Their mission is

“To help people make progress in their lives through learning.”

All the students made Kind Edmund proud in terms of their behaviour, attitude and participation throughout the day.

Students spent over an hour interviewing Pearson employees to understand what it is like to work at the company, to understand what skills they need to be good at their job and tips for getting a good job.

After lunch, pupils had a tour of the offices and experienced how nurses use holograms to diagnose patient conditions using virtual reality headsets.

Finally, pupils were given a Dragon’s Den activity where they had to participate in a design challenge using a prescribed process to analyse a user need and the benefits for doing so. Key takeaways from the Pearson team were that, whilst we do not know what jobs will exist in the future, what we do know is that everyone needs to develop core skills of problem solving, decision making and being able to adapt to learn new things. It is about knowing how to behave, being reliable, being interested in what you are doing, being honest when making mistakes, being happy to talk and communicate with others and having a willingness to learn and ask questions.

Lastly, it is ok not to know what specifically you want to do. In fact, if you decide to take a degree the degree subject doesn’t always translate into a specific career. Remember, it is helpful to work to your strengths and take up opportunities to try new things which will broaden your skills. That’s what Yes Futures is all about!

Our World of Work days are an integral part of our Yes Futures programmes.

To find out more about the programmes and how we can support your students, please contact Sophie Bartlett:

If you are a business that would like to hear more about how to get involved in our World of Work opportunities please contact

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