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Are we preparing our young people for their futures?

With an increasing focus on examinations and results, it may feel like promoting non-academic skills is a luxury we don’t have time to implement in the classroom. Yet, as highlighted in a recent report by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, the development of non-academic skills has a vital role to play in the future success of our young people.

Many studies have found that equipping pupils with key skills like resilience, communication, self-awareness and confidence leads to beneficial long-term outcomes.

‘These skills are associated with improved educational, work, health, and wellbeing outcomes, such as higher academic attainment, greater employability, and good physical and mental health.’

Given their link with increased employability, greater earnings and job success in later life, it is concerning that 68% of employers say school leavers don’t have the required skills for the workplace.

Equipping the next generation with these soft skills is more important than ever. Students are having to compete in an increasingly automated workplace, however technology is unable to replicate these human skills.

How can you help to prepare your students for the future?

It is widely agreed that it is important to nurture these skills in our students, but how can you do this within the classroom setting?

Our Character Resources provide lots of lesson plans, resources and worksheets to help develop students’ non-academic skills, including in the four Yes Futures Talent areas: Communication, Confidence, Resilience and Self-Awareness.

Volunteering, outdoor activities and residentials are proven to be great ways of fostering these non-academic skills outside of the classroom. The Yes Futures programmes provide students with inspirational opportunities as well as personalised coaching support. Using the award-winning Talent Toolbox, we are able to measure the incredible impact these activities have on our young people, alongside equipping them with the language and tools to articulate their key skills in future college and job applications.

To find out more about how our Finding Futures and Rising Futures programmes can help prepare your students for a happy and successful future, please get in touch with the Yes Futures team.

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