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Finding Futures goes Into the Wild!

Last weekend we took 70 students from three of our partner schools on our Into the Wild residential trip. We had blue skies and sunshine; perfect weather for lots of outdoor activities! Our students were challenged to try new activities in a challenging environment, making new friends and showing excellent teamwork skills. It was great to see the children stepping out of their comfort zones and overcoming their fears.


Our first activity on Friday was 'Survivor' where the children built their own shelter and some even managed to make a fire!

In the evening, the students took part in 'Wacky Races' - including walking like a zombie and creating the longest human line (which led to some very creative ideas!)...

...even our Coaches got involved to support their teams!

It was great to see the children supporting and cheering each other on...

...and many of them showed great confidence going up high on the Giant Swing!

We saw excellent teamwork and students encouraging each other in their activity groups...

...and students reaching their goals, conquering their fears and aiming high!

We had a brilliant weekend with lots of students coming out of their shells and demonstrating our key talents: confidence, resilience, self-awareness and communication!

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