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Any questions about personal development in schools? 

The new Ofsted Personal Development Framework section has raised questions for many Senior Leaders in schools about their personal development provision. 

Having worked with over 60 schools to boost students' personal development and wellbeing, Sophie, our Director of Impact, can take you through areas you are already succeeding in, and provide ideas for your areas that need improvement. 

  • How do I evidence my personal development provision?

  • What type of provision is best for certain students?

  • Are there any personal development programmes that can be implemented with little work required for my school? 

Book a free call to speak about personal development provision in your school by clicking below. 

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I am here to help! 

You can pop your question in the enquiry form below and I will get back to you to either arrange a suitable time to speak, or with a simple answer. 
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Director of Partnerships

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