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World of Work - Passmores Academy at The London Stock Exchange Group

Navigating Finance: A Day at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

Passmores Academy's Year 10 students embarked on an enlightening journey into the realm of finance, hosted by The London Stock Exchange Group, a prestigious institution renowned for its role in the world of stocks and finance!

Journey Reflections:

The journey by coach presented students with glimpses of London's iconic landmarks, including the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, fostering excitement and anticipation. Despite encountering traffic delays, the students remained well-behaved and enjoyed the scenic drive through the bustling city!

Arrival Excitement:

Upon arrival, students were greeted with excitement as they found themselves in the shadow of St. Paul's Cathedral, captivated by the grandeur of their surroundings. The warm welcome extended by LSEG, with Yes Futures and Passmores Academy logos proudly displayed, set a tone of hospitality and inclusivity. Each student received a thoughtful goody bag, further enhancing their sense of appreciation.

Engaging Activities:

  • Welcome Introduction: The day commenced with a warm welcome and introduction, setting the stage for insightful interactions.

  • Speed Networking: Students eagerly participated in speed networking sessions, engaging with LSEG staff and gaining valuable insights into diverse career paths within the finance industry.

  • Short Office Tour: A brief tour provided students with a glimpse into the inner workings of LSEG, offering a tangible connection to the world of finance.

Student Engagement and Highlights:

Students embraced the speed networking activity with enthusiasm, relishing the opportunity to connect with professionals and learn about their career journeys. The innovative format, with everyone standing, facilitated dynamic conversations and left a lasting impression on participants.

Learning and Reflections:

The speed networking activity proved to be a highlight, enabling students to glean valuable insights into the diversity of career paths within finance. They discovered that career trajectories can be diverse, often leading individuals to unexpected opportunities. The day left students feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

In summary, the day at LSEG was a resounding success, thanks to the warm hospitality and engaging activities provided by the hosts. Passmores Academy students departed with newfound knowledge and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for their future endeavours.


A huge thank you to Maria Powell, Akua Opong and the rest of the team!

Quote from Jenni, the Programme Manager:

"Wow, what a workplace! Walking past St. Paul's on our way, we were greeted in reception by huge displays of the Yes Futures and Passmores logos—a very warm welcome indeed (thank you). The students had a great speed-networking activity and enjoyed learning more about LSEG. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts, and also for the goody bags and sweet treats. We really enjoyed the day, and the students left feeling inspired and excited about the future."

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