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World of Work - John Henry Newman School at Havas

Exploring Creativity: A Day at Havas

Students from John Henry Newman Catholic School embarked on an exciting journey to explore the world of advertising courtesy of Havas, a renowned creative agency! This immersive experience promised a day filled with discovery and creativity.


Travelling by coach, the students embarked on a journey from Stevenage into the heart of London. Despite the long distance, their excitement and anticipation for the day ahead made the journey enjoyable.

First Impressions:

Arriving at the Havas headquarters in London, the students were greeted by the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. You could see their excitement as they took in the sight of renowned buildings like Google and, of course, Havas. Receiving personalized passes and lanyards, the students were ready for an unforgettable World of Work day!

Engaging Activities:

The day unfolded with a series of enriching activities designed to spark creativity and foster collaboration:

  • Welcome Introduction: Students were warmly welcomed and introduced to the exciting day ahead.

  • Tour: A guided tour immersed students in the dynamic environment of Havas, showcasing its innovative spaces and vibrant culture.

  • Q&A Session: Students engaged in insightful conversations with Havas employees, gaining valuable insights into the advertising industry.

  • Dragons Den Challenge: Divided into small groups, students embarked on a creative journey to design an advertising campaign for ASDA with a Christmas theme.

  • Dragons Den Pitch: Each group presented their campaigns to the judges and Havas employees, showcasing their creativity and presentation skills.

  • Final Reflections: The day concluded with reflections on the experiences shared and lessons learned.

Student Engagement and Achievements:

Throughout the activities, students displayed remarkable engagement and enthusiasm. Working collaboratively in small groups, they embraced the challenge of creating innovative advertising campaigns. The winning group, comprised of Charmaine, Oliver, Aquila, and Joel, impressed the judges with their creative and well-organised pitch, earning them a Havas goody bag. Their success highlighted the students' ability to think creatively and work effectively as a team.


Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day was witnessing the students' creativity and enthusiasm shine through during the Dragons Den Challenge. As they presented their ideas with confidence and passion, it was evident that they had embraced the spirit of innovation that defines Havas.

Outcomes and Reflections:

The day at Havas proved transformative for the students. They got to delve into advertising's intricacies, honing teamwork and communication during the Dragons Den Challenge. Their innovative pitches impressed, sparking dialogue with Havas professionals. Beyond the day's success, it fostered a culture of creativity and mentorship. Students returned invigorated, their aspirations kindled by real-world insights. The journey to Havas wasn't just a trip—it was a catalyst for growth and exploration.

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