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Unlocking Education

After tonight’s #UnlockingEducation event, discussing the future of education in light of the global pandemic, I have come away with three key reflections:

1. Collaboration

Schools have been sharing resources, experience and advice more than ever before. A real sense of team spirit has emerged, replacing the competitiveness that has sometimes existed between schools. Across the sector, organisations have been stepped up and offered support in an unprecedented fashion.

Let’s continue this collaboration and create meaningful partnerships across the sector.

2. Character

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for character education to be a priority in schools, not just a nice to have. We are seeing the importance of developing young people that are equipped to deal with the world and the challenges it comes with. This takes qualifications, but also strength of character, self-confidence and resilience.

Character development needs to be a deliberate process and we all have a role to play in supporting young people to discover and develop their character.

3. Innovation

Schools have shown an incredible ability to quickly adapt, shifting to remote teaching almost overnight! Whilst this hasn’t been without its challenges, the level of innovation has been hugely impressive. Teachers have hosted virtual Sports Days, recorded amazingly creative online lessons, found innovative ways to check in with students and run brilliant at-home competitions.

However, the education gap is getting bigger every day and without access to technology many young people are not able to benefit from this innovation. Providing fair access to technology is an urgent priority.

At a time of uncertainty, this evening’s discussion showed that there is truly hope and positivity for the future of education. Let’s continue these positive conversations and reflections as we find a way forwards.

Sophie Bartlett, Impact Manager, Yes Futures


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