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Striking the Perfect Work-Life Balance

How is the balance between your work time and your personal life?

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to lose sight of our own well-being. National Work-Life Week is here as a timely reminder that finding a balance between teaching and self-care is not just a luxury but a necessity.

There are many reasons why this week should be a reminder to be kinder to yourself, not least the heavy workload, the emotional investment you have in your students, the pressure to perform, limited resources, and the ever-evolving education landscape.

We get that it’s hard to make sure you’re getting the right balance. 70% of teachers and education staff said the workload was the main reason for thinking about leaving their careers as teachers (source), but it’s possible to create time for yourself and focus on your well-being too.

Our well-being resources for teachers provide a variety of tools you can use to support your well-being. The resources incorporate the four talent areas we support our students within our programmes: Confidence, Self-Awareness, Communication and Resilience.

A couple of other tips include:

🚧Set realistic goals and boundaries: reducing the risk of overwhelm and burnout.

🤝Set time aside just for yourself: do something you love or just have fun with friends and family.

🤗Connect with colleagues: Building relationships and sharing the challenges as well as the successes with other school staff can provide a sense of support and togetherness.

🎉Celebrate your achievements: Know what a great week looks like and recognise the brilliant work you and your colleagues have accomplished regularly.

Remember, finding a healthy work-life balance is an ongoing journey. National Work-Life Week serves as a reminder to focus on yourself a little more.

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