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Programme Update (Feb 2024)

And breathe…we got there, phew! We are proud to say we have wrapped up our Finding Futures and Rising Futures programmes for the September 2023 cohort! This cohort, we took on 300+ students and we could not be prouder of each one of them!

As we prepare for the March 2024 cohorts, we wanted to take a breather and appreciate what we achieved together. This blog will summarise what happens on Coaching Session 4, the Self-coaching Workshop and the big day, Graduation!

Coaching Session 4

Our dedicated Programme Managers get to school and set up everything for the students such as headsets and laptops, ensuring students are ready for their coaching sessions. 

Rising Futures students engage in focused discussions with their coaches, delving into their future aspirations and goals, as well as how they found the World of Work day Students then go on to complete their scorecard, this is where students can see if they feel they have grown throughout the programme. It’s a time of celebration, but it’s also a bittersweet moment with the coaches and students going their separate ways at this junction.

Meanwhile, Finding Futures participants embark on a journey exploring the concept of Self-Awareness, engaging in discussions about emotions, strengths, and areas for improvement. Through interactive activities such as the cardboard person exercise and reflective discussions, students deepen their understanding of themselves and set new goals for personal growth. Students then reflect on the session and are congratulated on completing all four of the Yes Futures talents!

Quote from Claudia, the Programme Manager:

“As our coaching journey with the remarkable students of John F. Kennedy Catholic School comes to a close, we pause to reflect on the transformative experiences shared and the remarkable growth witnessed.

Our final coaching session was a time for reflection, where students had the opportunity to look back on their journey and celebrate their achievements. What struck us most was the overwhelming sense of pride and satisfaction among the students. Even those who were initially sceptical about the programme expressed gratitude for sticking with it, realising the value it brought to their lives.

One recurring theme that emerged during the session was the growth in self-awareness. Many students spoke candidly about how they had gained a deeper understanding of themselves throughout the programme, which they acknowledged as a challenging but rewarding journey.

Congrats, JFK!” 

Self-coaching workshop / Finding Futures Graduation

For the Finding Futures students, this is not just a Self-Coaching workshop, but it doubles as their Graduation day, too! Students are taken through their Talent Toolbox complete their Talent Scorecard and assess how they’ve grown, they then move on to the Self-Coaching workshop. With guidance from Programme Managers and Impact Coaches, students set SMART goals, equipped to embark on their growth journeys with confidence and purpose.

We now go on to the Graduation! As parents arrive for the Graduation ceremony, there's an air of excitement! The Programme Manager goes through a recap of how the programme went, students are also encouraged to share their own experiences and how it made them feel through the student presentations segment! A video is then played with highlights of the programmes. The day comes to an end when Graduation certificates are handed out to the students and parents are encouraged to support their children on the path of self-coaching. Whew! A jam-packed day for our Finding Futures students!

For the Rising Futures students, a starter activity involves running through a Yes Futures Quiz presentation, either individually or in teams. Students who opt out can complete the “My Fun List” worksheet within the Self-coaching Toolbox. The Programme Manager explains self-coaching, emphasising independent goal-setting and reflection. The Wheel of Life activity follows, where students assess different life areas and colour sections based on happiness levels. The Programme Manager then goes on to explain how to use the Self-coaching toolbox effectively, and will see them next at their Graduation!

Rising Futures Graduation

It’s Graduation day! The Programme Manager provides students with post-it notes and asks them to answer questions relevant to their time on the programme. Then it’s slideshow time! Students are shown a recap of the programme to help visualise their journey and help them to see how far they’ve come. Students are then reminded to continue with their self-coaching after the programme is over. Towards the end of the day, Graduation certificates are given out and photos are taken! They are also reminded that this is not the end, they will see each other again at the Forward to the Future session in 5 months!

Quote from Jenni, the Programme Manager:

“Thats a wrap! It was an absolute delight to celebrate the success and achievements of the students from Gateway Free Primary School, and Lansdowne Primary Academy at their Graduation celebration on Monday. It was lovely to have parents and teachers attend, as well as the Head of Lansdowne Academy, and Viki Reid the CEO of the Gateway Learning Community.

It has been an absolute pleasure and an honour to get to know the students over the past 5 months. The students have worked so hard on developing the four Yes Futures Talents of Confidence, Resilience, Communication & Self-Awareness. They have pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones, and have all made personal breakthroughs along the way. We have been super impressed with the growth in their self-reflection skills and goal-setting.

They should all be really proud of what they have achieved - a huge congratulations! We are excited for them to put their new skills into action, and wish them all the very best for the future.”

To all our students, parents, teachers, and supporters, thank you for being part of this incredible journey. As we take a moment to reflect on how far we've come, let's embrace the possibilities that lie ahead for these young people.

Here's to the bright future awaiting every one of our students! As they embark on new adventures and embrace new challenges, we hope that they can take their improved sense of confidence, communication, self-awareness and resilience into the future and further improve upon those skills through self-coaching!

Now, on to the March 2024 cohort!

For more information on our programmes and to find out how we could support your students, please visit our Programmes page.

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