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Programme Update (Dec 2023)

We’re now at the halfway point of our September 2023 programmes! Since our last update in October, a lot has happened for our young people. 300 students have now had coaching sessions 2 and 3, as well as their Into the Wild days!

As we get closer to Christmas, our students are now fully embedded into everything Yes Futures! Here’s a breakdown of what has happened since our last Programme Update in October.

Coaching Session 2

Our dedicated Programme Managers arrive at their schools and do all the integral set-up required for the students to have their coaching sessions! For our Rising Futures students, they get online with their 1-2-1 coaches and discuss their future goals! Our Finding Futures students are introduced to the talent of Resilience with their coach.

“Some great engagement from students at Hoe Valley particularly there was 80% that had achieved their goal and were super proud to be sharing the success with their coach. Was lovely to see them become much more comfortable with their coach. ☺” - Hannah, Programme Manager

Into the Wild!

It’s the big day! Into the Wild! This is a day that everybody across the programme is excited for. It’s a day to embrace the challenge presented in front of them, whether that is tackling a fear of heights, a fear of small spaces or even just the fear of talking to someone you may not usually. It’s an amazing day with opportunities abound!

“We took the Herringham Primary Finding Futures Cohort to Outdoors Essex Danbury for their ITW trip and had a fantastic day! The students showed incredible teamwork, communication and empathy throughout the day, from encouraging their peers to climb the climbing wall (and where to put their legs and hands on the holds) and celebrating every success of each other with big cheers once someone completed the aerial trekking activity. Their proud smiles as they finished the course were brighter than the sunshine we had all day!” - Alex, Programme Manager

Coaching session 3

Our Programme Managers are back in the classroom and do their usual set-up for the students. All students come together with their coaches to reflect on their Into the Wild day, doing a bit of a recap! The students will talk about how the day went, what challenges they felt they overcame and what they found fun. The Rising Future students then go on to do the future journey planner, and the Finding Futures students are introduced to the talent of Communication!

“Ratton's Coaching Session 3 came with its challenges as the majority of our cohort were in the process of completing their maths assessment. Despite this, we were able to connect ten of our students with their Coaches to review the goals they had previously set, explore a longer-term goal through our Journey Planner Activity, and get excited for our World of Work trip to ANSVAR.” - Tracy, Coach 

As we hit the midpoint of our September 2023 programmes, the progress made by our young people is truly remarkable. With 300 students actively involved in coaching sessions and captivating Into the Wild days, the transformative journey is evident. Programme Managers, exemplified by Hannah and Alex, witness the joy of students conquering fears and celebrating triumphs.

Check back with us in the New Year to read about our final programme update once the students have gone on to have their World of Work Days, their last coaching session and their graduation day!

For more information on our programmes and to find out how we could support your students, please visit our Programmes page.

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