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Finding Your Voice with the Yes Futures Programme - Phillipa's Story.

Where did she begin...

Phillipa, Year 5, has come a long way, finding her voice along with her confidence.

At the start of the Finding Futures Primary School Programme, Phillipa was very shy and quiet and would rarely interact or make eye contact with her coaches. As activities went on throughout the school year, Phillipa became more willing to engage and participate. Despite

Phillipa’s doubts, Phillipa’s coaches knew that she had the potential! With help and guidance from the Finding Futures programme, she was able to grow, and her voice became louder and stronger than ever.

Phillipa Plays Her Part in the Local Community

We first began to see Phillipa opening up during the Play Your Part day. Students on the Finding Futures programme get an opportunity to give something back and engage with their local community.

Students often go to a local park that they may have walked through before, and support the park rangers to keep the place clean, tidy, and safe for all visitors. Phillipa was able to collaborate and pitch ideas to her team. During a full group activity, Phillipa had her voice and ideas heard and the outcome was lovely. This was a crucial point in which we saw Phillipa’s confidence growing!

Overcoming her fears...

This trend did not stop here as Phillipa had an amazing Into the Wild weekend where she was supportive, resilient and confident. Phillipa made us proud with the confidence she was displaying. Seeing her be proud of herself and believe in herself for overcoming her fear of heights made us incredibly happy.

We continued to see Phillipa grow at the showcase where she stepped up as the narrator of her group presented with clarity and maturity in front of over 60 people!

That night, Phillipa won the Award for Resilience, the student who had shown the most improvement in this talent over the weekend. After winning the award, you could see the happiness in Phillipa shine as she had the confidence to include herself in conversations with adults and her peers.

Entering the World of Work

The final trip of Phillipa's Finding Futures programme was the World of Work day; taking a look at possible avenues for her to take and what they might look like. We organised a visit for her and other students on the programme to head to EY's main office. EY are a long term partner of Yes Futures and have previously taken on students for a day's work experience. It was an exciting opportunity for Phillipa to really test those new skills and speak to adults of all ages in a variety of jobs. On multiple occasions, she rose her hand to ask about the work at EY. Phillipa was not afraid and spoke confidently throughout.

Phillipa reflects on her programme journey

At the Progress Presentation, we were able to reflect upon how far Phillipa had come in gaining confidence and how strong her voice was. Phillipa was proud and happy to see her mum there to recognise the progress that she had made. Phillipa’s confidence has grown significantly during the Finding Futures Programme and we are confident that she will continue to grow in the future.


For more information on Yes Futures, and to find out how we could support your students, please contact Sophie our Director of Impact,, 07908 687779

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