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Coach Recruitment Successes - September 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Our latest programme (September 2023) is officially underway, and we’re excited to be empowering over 290 students to believe in themselves and to develop in the four Yes Futures Talents.

Confidence, Resilience, Communication and Self-Awareness.

Following a very successful Coach recruitment this programme will be supported by over 115 Coaches, both new to Yes Futures and returning Repeat Coaches. Our Coaching Community continues to grow and we’re so incredibly grateful for the support.

As part of our Coach recruitment, we are thrilled to be supported by organisations such as The ICF, Animas, Barefoot Coaching and MOE Foundation. Working alongside us to share our coaching opportunities with their members and communities and in turn spread the word about our programmes and Yes Futures.

As the support from these communities continues to grow, we’re pleased to share that 55% of our new Coaches for this programme have undergone ICF-accredited training (or are in the process of doing so). Bringing their coaching skills and passion to our programmes.

All of our amazing Coaches are connecting with students by undertaking one of our two volunteer coaching roles -

Our Impact Coaches go into schools alongside our Programme Managers and are front-line support for all our students. From greeting them at the Welcome Session, offering encouragement at their Coaching sessions, cheering them on during the two trip days to congratulating them at the Graduation Celebrations. Being an Impact Coach is such an important part of our programmes.

Our One-to-One Coaches focus on 2-4 students for individual online coaching sessions. Encouraging each student through their own journeys of growth using our award-winning Talent Toolbox. Setting goals, identifying strengths and unlocking the student's personal potential together.

Coach recruitment for our next programme (March 2024) will open shortly, and we can’t wait for our Coaching Community to grow even further.

Be sure not to miss information about our coaching opportunities by joining our mailing list for all the latest information!

The link to that newsletter can be found here!

For more information on our programmes and to find out how we could support your students, please visit our Programmes page.

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