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Lucky Year 5 pupil goes 'Into the Wild'

This article is written by Aaleyah, a student from Welbourne Primary School, for her school's newspaper and we are delighted to share her words on our blog!


Ten children from Year 5, who are participating in the 'Yes Futures' programme, visited PGL Marchants Hill in Surrey for a three day residential. Here they took part in a range of exciting activities such as rock climbing, archery and the giant swing.

Diyar said, ‘Rock climbing and the giant swing were good because they have helped me with my confidence'.

'All of the challenges helped me face my fears,' said Monlamin.

Sedef liked archery. 'At first I was scared that the arrow would hit my hand but then I got my confidence and I managed to hit the red target.'

Irmak explained that she had lots of support there and it has helped her to concentrate when working in teams.

Aaleyah added that she really enjoys taking part in different things now and it is not all about winning.

Junecia also said that the trip has helped with her confidence, self awareness, resilience and communication.


All had a great time developing their skills and highlights included Abbie winning the 'Resilience award', Filip earning a 'Talent prize' and Alicja gaining a 'Confidence Prize'.

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